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Precious Commodity

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We help you discover any protection inclusions that are ideal for you.

Precious Commodity

At Platinum Insurance Company Ltd, we can arrange insurance for your precious stones including Diamonds, Gold, Rubies, Pearls, and Emerald. We can quote for precious stones if they are affixed into jewelry.

However, we may be able to obtain insurance from persons with adequate security that have a collection of stones for Investment purposes. Please telephone our office to discuss your requirements.

Outside of the above, if you are a collector of semi-precious stones or gemstones, rocks, minerals or even fossils, we should be able to assist you with insurance for your collection.

Our Assetsure Collectables Insurance Policy provides a wide range of valuable covers that are not normally available under a home insurance policy.

Often a home insurance policy will have limits on the value of a collection in proportion to the remainder of the contents insured, if your collections fall outside these limits, we will be able to assist you with a separate policy.