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The terms and conditions of the policy do not allow for partial withdrawal because it’s a TERM POLICY, there is no investment component. Term insurance is just INSURANCE (RISK) until the risk occurs you don’t benefit. And it’s to replace your INCOME in the event of the unexpected which cause you to lose your income.

You need your life insurance policy as far as you have young family depending on you, this will keep the family covered should there be any risk occurring and also to keep your family covered until your children are out of school, protecting against the unexpected. And you must always a five (5) years buffer. Until your last child is out of University you don’t say you don’t need insurance or you don’t stop your life insurance.

Term policy is not only when you die before you can benefit, it’s not a death policy. It’s an income protector policy, the purpose is to replace your income when is it lost because you are CRITICALLY ILL OR TOTALLY AND PERMANENTLY DISABLED and you can’t work anymore. Because of the fact that we are exposed to about eight thousand (8,000) blood related diseases which can trigger an anytime to any of us unexpectedly. Examples of such Critical illnesses are Multiple Sclerosis, Kidney Failure, Renal Failure, Stroke etc

The amount of insurance you need is dependent on your economic value, that is the income you bring home and your ability to sustain the policy in the long term.

Yes, you will have to undergo medicals through any of our approved medical facilities. This is a risk policy and the Company must adequately assess the risk. The medical tests affirm your state of health thus enabling us to charge a commensurate premium for the risks we choose to accept. The medicals required will depend on your age, amount of insurance coverage and any medical conditions you might have.

Our progressive approach to underwriting allows us to make competitive offers to applicants with pre-existing medical conditions who can show that their condition is well controlled.

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